Namely, the ARMS (Automated Risk Management Solution) software platform goals to provide updates under real-time circumstances concerning COVID-19 along with other location specific risk and critical information alerts.

We’ve received incredible feedback from the captains and crews who use our software on a daily basis. Through their input we have made some updates to the software to better track COVID-19 along with all the port delays, closures and quarantines to ensure our clients have the most updated information, regardless of their location.

....Corey Ranslem, CEO of IMSA noted.

What is more, the platform provides information focused on port delays, civil unrest affecting maritime operations, maritime piracy issues, weather matters, medical epidemics and disease outbreaks, and the complete mapping of all worldwide GMDSS alerts.

Overall, during the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 pandemic, remote surveys are on the rise. In this regard, the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR) will use RINA’s remote technology for inspections of Liberian flagged vessels and as announced, Shipowner d’Amico will take advantage of this facility in a pilot case on his fleet.