SS 648: 2019 is a revision of TR 48: 2015 – Technical Reference for Bunker Mass Flow Metering which was implemented on 1 June 2016 by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) for the custody transfer of bunker deliveries via the mass flow metering (MFM) system to ocean-going ships in the Port of Singapore.

Then, the review of TR 48: 2015 developed into SS 648: 2019, taking into account the operational and technical experience gained by the bunkering industry on the use of the MFM.

MPA, Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), bunker suppliers, bunker craft operators, bunker surveying firms, meter vendors, National Metrology Centre and Enterprise Singapore’s Weights and Measures Office, all jointly conducted the review under the coordination of the Singapore Standards Council.

Transition from TR 48: 2015 to SS 648: 2019 3 SS 648: 2019 includes new requirements for multi-meter installation, enhancement of the zero verification procedure and clarity on the role of bunker surveyors.

Starting from 1st May 2020, MPA will mandate SS 648: 2019 for the custody transfer of bunker deliveries to ocean-going ships in the Port of Singapore.

The existing bunkering standards, TR 48: 2015, will cease to apply by end November 2020.

A recent paper by Singapore-based Ascenz Solutions provided best practices for accurate monitoring of fuel bunkering of marine fuels using mass flow meter (MFM) systems.