The rules passed will be used to prevent accidents and harm to operators and damage to ships, cargo, shore-based structures and subsea structures, as well as the marine environment.

Moreover, concerning fire safety issues, the Committee is collaborating to limit the incidence and consequences of fire on ro-ro spaces and special category spaces of new and existing ro-ro passenger vessels.

Under review are also the current SOLAS regulations as well associated codes.


The Sub-Committee will also develop amendments to relevant guidelines for the approval of fixed dry powder systems used on ships carrying liquefied gases in bulk.

Agenda items related to life-saving appliances and arrangements include the work to develop the goal-based standards safety-level approach for the approval of alternative designs and arrangements for regulations on life-saving appliances.

In addition, the Sub-Committee is to also finalize draft amendments to the Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code on ventilation requirements for survival craft and related draft amendments to the Revised recommendation on testing of life-saving appliances, to ensure a habitable environment is maintained in such survival craft.

Another matter of discussion will be the finalization of draft Interim guidelines on life-saving appliances and arrangements for ships operating in polar waters, to support the implementation of the mandatory Polar Code.

Also, the sub-Committee will discuss the on-shore power supply matter. According to that, a group will talk about its work on developing craft guidelines on safe operation of on-shore power supply to ships, also known as 'cold ironing', 'alternative maritime power' and 'shore-side electricity'.

Furthermore, the Sub-Committee will discuss whether there is a need for relevant amendments to SOLAS. Plugging a ship into shore-side power - and turning off onboard generators - is one solution to reducing air pollution from ships, as well as limiting local noise.

Concluding, the SSE 6 meeting was opened by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim and is being chaired by Dr. Susumu Ota (Japan).