Specifically, the safety recommendations will include guidelines on vulnerability criteria, direct stability failure assessment and operational measures.

IMO aims to produce a set of guidelines for trial use, while during the session in its headquarters, associated explanatory notes will be developed as well.

Moreover, the Sub-Committee is also set to finalize draft amendments to the Revised Explanatory Notes to SOLAS chapter II-1 subdivision and damage stability regulations.


During SDC 7 meeting, a new draft SOLAS chapter XV and an International Code of Safety for Ships Carrying Industrial Personnel (IP Code) are also expected to be finalized.

In fact, the Code will supplement the already existed IMO instruments, in order to boost safe carriage and transfer for industrial personnel working in the offshore and energy field.

The agenda further involves safety recommendations for non-SOLAS ships operating in Polar waters, not currently covered by the Polar Code.

The Sub-Committee will pay attention on the above two sets of drafts safety recommendations :

  1. for pleasure yachts above 300 gross tonnage not engaged in trade, operating in Polar waters.
  2. for fishing vessels of 24 m in length and over.

For the records, the SDC Sub-Committee was opened by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim and is chaired by Kevin Hunter (United Kingdom).