Specifically, the COP 25 takes place in Spain, 2-13 December, focusing on tackling the climate change and the completion of several targets set in the Paris Agreement. 

IMO commented that

In pursuing its mission – safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans – IMO works vigorously and consistently towards developing a comprehensive regulatory regime aimed at protecting the marine environment.

The discussions began with IMO setting its objectives, which are:

  • to make clear that international shipping is indispensable to the world and is a vital industry to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  • as its track record to date so clearly demonstrates, IMO is the appropriate international body to continue work to address GHG emissions from ships engaged in international trade.

IMO reported that its Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) has approved draft amendments to boost the energy-efficiency applicable to newbuild vessels. Additionally, the discussion focused on mandatory proposals, that will play a direct role in reducing the carbon intensity of existing ships.

Moreover, the IMO also confirmed that two important capacity-building projects are developing as expected. These two projects are GloMEEP and the global GMN network for energy-efficient shipping.

Concluding, the Organization also referred to its newly launched project, the GreenVoyage-2050 project, to support global efforts to demonstrate and test technical solutions for reducing GHG emissions in shipping and enhance knowledge.