The crane purchase is part of the previously announced £65 million investment, committed by ABP to the terminal and site facilities. This investment aims to help support the long-term future of steel manufacturing in the Humber region.


The new Ardelt cranes, Tukan K, model 3000 - 50, will provide a grabbing capacity of 50 tonnes at 50m radius. They have also been ordered to replace the current ship unloaders, while they will handle more than 6 million tonnes of iron ore and coals each year.

In addition, the Tukan K has its hopper built into its structure, enabling a linear load path.

Martin Downey, Head of Immingham Bulk Terminal, stated:

Within six months of taking over the operations at IBT, we’ve made significant improvements to the site. We’re keen to improve our handling rate and these cranes will enable us to do just that