The certificates of competency for ship station operators issued by the IMDA are in accordance with the requirements of Radio regulations of the International Telecommunication Union and the STCW Convention of the IMO.

The holder of a certificate of competency for ship station operators who is serving onboard ship at sea or intending to serve onboard shall have his certificate of competency revalidated by IMDA, in order to continue to qualify for sea service as a radio operator.

Under Telecommunications regulations, a certificate holder shall revalidate his General operator's certificate (GOC) of competency or restricted Operator's Certificate of Competency (ROC) at intervals not exceeding 5 years from the date of issue or revalidation.

With effect from 1st August 2019, the following procedures will be adopted for revalidation of GOC or ROC:

Shipowners are advised to disseminate the above information to personnel involved in operating the ship radio station for compliance.