IMCA M 247 identifies the different components of a DP system and guides on how these systems might fail. DP Practitioners can use it for the production, review and testing of Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), and annual DP trials.


Captain Andy Goldsmith, IMCA’s Marine Technical Adviser, noted that unexpected events that put integrity at risk are regularly reported via the IMCA DP Station Keeping Report Scheme.

This IMCA guidance document aims to limit these events and provide guidance for those involved in the analysis and testing of DP systems.

Before this document, IMCA had also launched a web-based method for collecting safety statistics from its contractor members. This will result in simpler, more timely reporting, and the ability to easily benchmark performance.

The statistics will derive by a company's total hours and offshore hours worked, in comparison to onshore and offshore hours as in previous surveys.

IMCA believes that it is of a big importance for companies to compare their performance when reporting to shareholders, and an important aspect of corporate social responsibility.