Mainly, IMarEST supports that collecting data to reach useful conclusions is a challenge as a system's malfunction is either an isolated accident or part of a wider trend that needs deeper investigation and long term solution.

The survey has as a goal to collect feedback from those who are in the front-line of the industry; The survey is anonymous so that those taking the survey feel free to provide detailed information from their experiences without fear of recrimination.

In addition, the quantitative and qualitative data that will be gathered will be analysed by specialists that have an expertise on this matter. Then, the Institute will collect the results and expert opinion in a report that will be published within the industry.


The survey will be useful for marine stakeholders that have faced challenges, while the information provided from the survey will stimulate innovation and encourage long-term solutions. IMarEST initiative will contribute to an acceleration in product development cycles, resulting in hardware that performs more effectively and is safer and easier to install, use and maintain.

Additionally, bringing these issues to the attention of industry regulators will inform discussions on possible amendments to relevant rules. This might entail altering baseline specifications, modifying performance standards, and/or fine-tuning reporting requirements so as not to overburden end-users.

Additionally, the results will help marine engineers, vessel owners/operators and end-users to know what to expect during installation, operation and maintenance.

IMarEST, therefore, presents the first investigation which is focused on the Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems, prepared by the Emissions from Shipping Special Interest Group. The survey focuses on challenges and concerns on installation and commissioning, day-to-day operation and shore side support, and, training with respect to Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems. Seafarers with experiences with these systems are invited to share them in this survey to contribute to an analysis and report to support user needs.

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