In light of the IJmuiden and the possibility of traffic, the municipality of Velsen, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management finances the extension of the rush-hour ferry by three hours a day in order to limit the inconvenience to residents and businesses in the IJmond as much as possible.

Along with the municipality of Velsen, Rijkswaterstaat is also investigating whether the disaster arches near the Velser tunnel can be opened faster and more often if there is reason to do so.

In the first place, the route was supposed to be closed for approximately a year, until the middle of April 2019. On the contrary, as a result of additional work in the lock chamber and at the connection between the new sea lock and the central lock, there are still many height differences and intersecting construction traffic.


Moreover, the procedure to bring the roads around the new sea lock to water-retaining heights takes more time. As a result, safe opening of the lock route is not yet possible.

As stated above, because of the inconvenience, Rijkswaterstaat will finance the rush-hour ferry over the North Sea Canal for the entire duration of the closure of the lock route. In addition, at the request of the municipality of Velsen, the sailing time of the rush-hour ferry will go from seven to ten hours a day.

This three-hour extension fits in better with the offer of cyclists and the services of the employees of Tata, as shown by a further analysis of the effects of the closure.

Rijkswaterstaat is also looking along with Velsen to deploy the arches in the Velser tunnel earlier and more frequently in the event of incidents and traffic jams. This aims to increase the accessibility of Velsen and the surrounding area.

Concluding, the existent diversion routes remain in force. Cyclists, mopeds and pedestrians can continue to use the ferry during the closure.

The delay is on average 10 minutes and is partly dependent on the waiting times at the ferry. Car traffic can drive through the Velser tunnel and is approximately 15 minutes longer. Yellow signs indicate the diversion routes.