In 2020, IFC reports that they observed one sea robbery, 17 sea thefts and 16 attempted actions.

Key Facts of the incidents

  • Most incidents occurred within the hours of darkness between 2130H to 0600H;
  • Majority of targeted vessels (>90%), were transiting in eastbound lane of Traffic Separation Scheme in Singapore Strait, North of Batam and Bintan.

According to the Fusion Centre, perpetrators usually

  1. are in group of 4-6 pax;
  2. use small boats, target slow-moving vessels (7-12knots) with low freeboard;
  3. are non-confrontational.

In addition, IFC proceeded to the notes herebelow, concerning the vessels that were used by the perpetrators.

Tankers & Bulk Carriers Tugs & Barges
May be armed with weapons like knives and steel bars. Usually unarmed.
Usually target ship’s engine parts and stores. Usually target ship’s stores.
Same group of perpetrators may target few vessels in succession, in same night.

Concluding, as in the previous IGs, IFC urges the industry to

Adopt Ship Protection Measures recommended in the Regional Guide to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia.