The report highlights that, in the coming months, the potential of sea theft and sea robbery incidents onboard anchored vessels remain likely in Belawan, Manila, Alang, Merak, Muara Berau and Chattogram anchorages; along and near the Sunda Strait, the Singapore Strait, the southern region of the South China Sea off the Malaysian peninsula, as well as further south in the Natuna Sea.

The incidents go as follows:

  • There were 59 incidents for Theft, Robbery and Piracy at Sea and Maritime Terrorism, which was higher than the same period in 2018 and 2019. Majority of the incidents were sea theft. Tankers were the most targeted vessel type, followed by Bulk Carriers and Tugs and Barges.

The 59 incidents were as follows:

a. 2 Maritime Terrorism related incidents (one Kidnap-for-Ransom and one Bombing incident (3.39%),
b.1 Piracy/Hijacking-Kidnapping (1.69%);
c. 3 Sea Robbery (5.08%);
d. 37 Sea Thefts (62.71%);
e. 15 Attempted Actions (25.42%);
f. 1 Suspicious Approaches (1.69%).

  • There were 397 reported Maritime Incidents, a significant increase compared to 2018 but lower than 2019.
  • There were 135 incidents for Contraband Smuggling, a decrease compared to 2018 and 2019. This may be attributed to the restrictions imposed due to COVID – 19 both in terms of lesser attempts and lesser coverage.
  • There were 234 IUU Fishing incidents, a decrease compared to 2019 and an increase from 2018 over the same period.
  • There were 42 Irregular Human Migration incidents, a decrease compared to 2019 and an increase from 2018 over the same period.

The IFC recommends all seafarers to remain vigilant especially in areas where the threat level is assessed to be significantly higher and to apply appropriate security measures. Ships are encouraged to provide reports on incidents and sightings of suspicious activities in a timely manner to the IFC and coastal authorities to ensure successful operational response.


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