The shipping industry will always prioritise the health of our crew and members of the public above all else. We have recommended that all our members across the world follow the WHO measures. As an industry, we fully understand the importance of playing our role in halting the spread of viruses.

...said Guy Platten, the Secretary General of ICS.

By following and implementing the measures issued by WHO, shipping industry will avoid the closure of any port. "Shipping can continue to be the conduit for 90% of world trade, ensuring the steady supply of medicine, food and fuel for consumers worldwide. We are thankful that the WHO has avoided a knee jerk reaction, which would do nobody any favours" Guy Platten continued.

ICS/ WHO guidance marks shipowners the need for :

  • Exit screening at ports in the affected areas to detect symptomatic travellers and prevent the exportation of the disease. This includes checking for signs and symptoms and keeping confirmed cases under isolation and treatment.
  • Implementing health information campaigns to raise awareness on how to receive assistance if someone is showing symptoms.
  • Collaborating with public health authorities for case management on board ships, should a traveller with symptoms be detected.

Moreover, both organizations announced that they will continue investigate the situation and will notify their members of developments, in case that the recommendations change.

In light of the situation, Sailors' Society recently published an infographic with all the necessary information to be protected from the new virus, while Australia Maritime Union urges for an immediate response against coronavirus.

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