In support of digitalization in the shipping industry, IBM published a video in summer, highlighting how new technology trends, like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain, are expected to transform the consumer goods industry.

Along with the supply chain suite, IBM launched a platform that helps organizations to integrate their own, their suppliers' and customers' data and networks.  In that way, the users of the platform will be able to update and modify their supply chain solutions.

The Supply Chain Suit platform connects easily to each supply chain's unique supplier ecosystem, providing frictionless, secured connectivity and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers.

Additionally, the platform consists of application and control towers that provide end-to-end visibility, real-time alerts and recommendations that can be automated for self-correcting actions to drive better business outcomes.

The users of the platform will be able to build, extend and integrate tailored supply chain solutions that can interoperate with other business networks and applications.

Bob Lord, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications and Developer Ecosystems, IBM stated that

Supply chains are now mission-critical systems for all businesses to drive success and profitability.

Concluding, IBM supports that the global economy will become even more relevant on the relations of the connected companies; This data environment provides a potential business value of the modern supply chain has never been higher.