As explained, the loads that affect the ship's structure are generally discussed with special reference to the structural strength limitations imposed by the ship's Classification Society.

For instance, over-loading may induce greater stresses in the double bottom, transverse bulkheads, hatch coamings, hatch corners, main frames and associated brackets of individual cargo holds. In addition, overloading of the cargo hold in association with insufficient draught may result in an excessive net vertical load on the double bottom which may distort the overall structural configuration in way of the hold

The process of planning and controlling cargo operations is addressed with special reference to the derivation of the loading and unloading plans and the requirements for ship/shore communication.

Therefore, IACS has revised its publication with the aim to provide a review of the potential problems that could be encountered during cargo operations. Guidance is given on the measures that should be taken to monitor and control cargo and ballasting operations in order to reduce the possibility of over-stressing the ship's structure.

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