Blue Book

The newly launched Blue Book is an electronic library consisting of all technical resolutions adopted by IACS, resulting from its technical work and remains the core reference work for the Association containing all previous revisions of IACS publications and historical data.

Green Book

The Green Book is designed for daily use and includes all current IACS Resolutions and Recommendations along with IACS History and Technical Background. The Green Book is updated when a new or revised IACS Resolution or Recommendation is uploaded on the IACS website making it the ideal reference document for anyone wishing to refer to current IACS Resolutions.


Together, both publications illustrate well how the aims and objectives of IACS are delivered for the benefit of international shipping and contain:

  • IACS Unified Requirements which IACS members incorporate into their Rules
  • Unified Interpretations of IMO convention requirements which IACS Members apply uniformly when acting on behalf of authorizing flag Administrations, unless instructed otherwise
  • Procedural Requirements governing practices among IACS Members
  • Recommendations relating to adopted resolutions that are not necessarily matters of Class but which IACS considers would be helpful to offer some advice to the marine industry
  • Quality Documents containing QSCS (IACS’ Quality System Certification Scheme) description, Quality Management System Requirements, Audit Requirements, ACB (Accredited Certification Bodies) requirements and other quality procedures
  • IACS Charter and IACS Procedures which define the purpose, aim and working procedures of the Association

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