In fact, the Korean shipbuilding company has been working on a joint initiative of ammonia-based propulsion with Lloyd’s Register and German engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions since October 2019.

Namely, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard was in charge of the basic design of the ammonia propulsion system, while Man Energy Solutions decided on the development and specifications of the ammonia dual fuel propulsion engine, and Lloyd's Classification reviewed the suitability and risks of the design.

What is more, the AIP guarantees that Hyundai Mipo will accelerate the positive development of environmentally friendly technologies that can respond to the decarbonization trend.

At the same time, the shipbuilder will focus on commercialize ammonia-powered ships by 2025.

Ammonia is an eco-friendly, carbon-free alternative fuel that does not emit any carbon dioxide during combustion , and is receiving attention from the industry in terms of economy and supply stability.

...Hyundai Mipo said in a press release.

Overall, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard along with Korea Maritime Transport and the Korean Register shake their hands and inked a MoU for the Joint Development Project (JDP) of a 1.800TEU class container ship.