Specifically, 'Hydroports' consists of the Port of Rotterdam, Den Helder and Groningen.

The three northern energy ports that participate in the project are in a geographically ideal location, which enables them to develop green energy from current and planned offshore wind farms, and have a natural coherence when it comes to current and future hydrogen infrastructure.


The three partners have already been developing projects in the field of hydrogen, as research and pilot projects, the development of hydrogen filling stations and the installation of hydrogen pipelines. For instance, Groningen Seaports and Port of Amsterdam are cooperating to promote the Mission H2 consortium which focuses on hydrogen.

Overall, the Netherlands is a firm supporter of renewable energy and green projects, as the Port of Rotterdam recently announced that Europe's biggest hydrogen plant will be constructed in Rotterdam. The port of Rotterdam published its goals towards decarbonisation, looking to energy transition, biobased and circular economy, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and renewables and the decarbonisation of its transport system.