MS Polarlys has successfully been testing the use of biodiesel the last few weeks and will also be testing in the weeks to follow, while providers and the Norwegian minister for transport oversaw the testing of Biodiesel in Bergen.


Biodiesel can be made from different sources, such as wasted cooking oil, corn, soya, wheat, tallow or palm.

We are just at the beginning when it comes to using biodiesel in the shipping industry. We want to move the boundaries and learn more about how this can be used in a bigger scale. This can potentially transform the industry

Hurtigruten said.

The company also added that at the same time, as shipping increases in the arctic areas, the emissions do too, with polluting fuels like Heavy Fuel Oil still not banned in these vulnerable areas. As far as Hurtigruten is concerned, it has banned heavy fuel oil a decade ago and is working for a global ban.

In addition, it also wants an international ban of use of cheap, polluting Heavy Fuel Oil the whole Arctic area and along the Norwegian Coast.