Namely, Company President Avi Eilon stated that they have thoroughly investigated the use and operation of scrubbers and have found that:

They simply transfer the pollution produced by vessels from the air to the ocean


Mr. Eilon also added that the use of scrubbers to enable vessels to continue to burn high-sulphur fuel oils, is in breach of the spirit and intention of the IMO’s new fuel regulations.

Hudson, instead of using ships with scrubbers, it will exclusively burn fuels that comply with the IMO2020 regulations.

These new regulations give our industry a chance to improve its impact on the environment, and Hudson is going to be a leader for the industry in moving to cleaner burning fuels. It is hoped that if more companies join Hudson in using fuels that comply with the global sulphur cap that many countries and areas near the busiest shipping lanes will see significant reductions in pollution and pollution-related health conditions

Hudson explained.

Now, the company is looking to join and support organizations that promote the use of compliant fuels and encourage ship owners to move away from scrubbers.