The infographic contains five activities to boost wellbeing while at work. These are:

1. Motivate

Group games and goals can help bring people together. These activities may include:

  • Scavenger hunt;
  • Team quiz;
  • Goal setting.

2. Move

A healthy body helps a healthy mind, so:

  • Set up a walking meeting;
  • Try chair yoga;
  • Bring in a fitness instructor for a lunchtime group class.

3. Share

Connect with colleagues by discussing your life outside work:

  • Secret skills;
  • Much-loved hobbies;
  • Weekend plans.

4. Bond

Show your support for your teammates:

  • Take turns to discuss each person's qualities;
  • Invite someone new for coffee or launch;
  • Share lunch with colleagues - each bring a different dish.

5. Discover

Open your mind and calm your thoughts:

  • Try mindfulness as a team;
  • Explore meditation;
  • Turn off your tech! No apps, no emails, no talking - let your mind quieten.