Specifically, “A Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong” published in March 2013, was the first document issued by the Environment Bureau (ENB) which set out an emission control plan to improve the air quality in Hong Kong, Macau and PRD. The plan looked into emission level and set out the emission reduction targets for various sectors, such as Road, Marine, Power Plants and Non-Road Mobile Machinery for the future.

However, the ENB and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of Hong Kong have now updated their publication on “Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2013-2017 Progress Report” (Page 25 – 30 related to the marine trade). This updates the 2013 publication and reveals stricter controls measure for Hong Kong’s air quality and its future plans.

From 1 January 2019 onwards, vessels trading within the PRD Domestic Emission Control Areas (DECA) are required to run on low-sulphur fuel with the sulphur content not exceeding 0.5%, according to the plan set out by the PRC’s Ministry of Transport. However, the penalty violating the 0.5% requirement remains unknown at present.

Explore more by reading the Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2013-17 Progress Report: