Specifically, the Thwaites Glacier is melting in a fast pace, and is the key factor of the 4% of the annual sea level rise every year.

Scientists result to the fact that the glacier will collapse. Therefore, the global sea level will be increased by 80 centimetres, more than two and a half feet. In order to prevent the melting, scientists began a five-year programme of field activities on the glacier.

Also, Professor David Vaughan stated that

This partnership with the Royal Navy has been enormously valuable and the kit they have delivered will mean that our joint UK/US science teams can begin their fieldwork on schedule next year.

Moreover, the HMS Protector is collaborating with British Antarctic Survey’s vessel RRS Ernest Shackleton.

Both vessels delivered four large tracked vehicles, 14 snow mobiles, numerous sledges, a caboose to act as living quarters, fuel and food to last nearly 5,000 days.

When the Royal Navy vessel arrived at the Stange Ice Shelf, a team moved forward to dig deep holes to secure the ship's berthing lines.

The sailors and Royal Marines took a short break from the lifting and shifting to play rugby, a match organised by HMS Protector’s physical training instructor, David Clayton-Charlesworth.

He then, commented:

How many people in their life will get the opportunity to play rugby in Antarctica? It is something that just had to be done and was enjoyed by all that took part and watched.