As the company reported, they are trying their best to increase the energy efficiency of its processes and reduce the emissions. HHLA has achieved to come through its previously goal of reducing CO2 emissions per handled container by at least 30% ,until 2020.

We are now setting new targets. We’re working on halving our absolute CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to the figures from 2018. The aim is to make the entire HHLA Group climate neutral by 2040.

...said Angela Titzrath, Chairwoman of HHLA’s Executive Board.

HHLA considers that intelligent, sustainable solutions offer several opportunities for new business models while raise the added value. "Those who invest in innovative, climate-friendly technologies at an early stage achieve sustainable results faster, which is to the benefit of shareholders, customers, staff members and society" Angela Titzrath continued.

Until now, the operations of the HHLA's container handling facility are basically powered by the use of green electricity, while the company made clear that terminal processes that still produce CO2 emissions, will slowly be electrified or they are in transition to electrification.

At the same time, company is further involved in other environmentally-friendly projects, for instance the wind farms in India and low-friction anti-fouling paint for ships, which goals to offset its remaining carbon footprint.  For the records, CTA is the first handling facility for containers globally that has been certified for its climate neutrality by TÜV Nord in 2019.

Concluding, HHLA has created HHLA Pure, a product which goals to make sure that the transport chains from the port into the European hinterland, are remaining climate-neutral. While the product is under a pilot phase, HHLA pure is estimated to be brought onto the market in the following year of 2020. To accomplish this project, the company has collaborated with the intermodal company Metrans, by using energy-efficient electric trains.

As the ‘gateway to the future’, HHLA considers innovation and technical excellence to be key to fulfilling our responsibilities and developing sustainable solutions.

...commented Angela Titzrath.