Specifically, HHI’s design divides the power system of a vessel in two parts:

  1. essential loads required to operate the ship
  2. service loads needed, for example, to keep reefers at proper temperatures.

Traditionally, for conventional containerships, onboard electrical equipment is powered at a low voltage level. Yet, as containerships are becoming bigger, this means that the electricity they consume is increased.

Therefore, installation of up to eight large-capacity transformers to convert high voltages into low voltages has become inevitable.

HHI’s new system decreases the capacity of each system, meaning that the systems will use low-voltage power distribution to replace the existing high-voltage power distribution. The lack of voltage conversion means no large transformers, weighing up to 64 tons in aggregate that would otherwise be loaded onto the ship, while also allowing for an extra loader capacity of 60 FEU thanks to better space utilization.

The company informs that the system saves about $320,000 by the elimination of voltage conversion per vessel.