The Association's decision is based on Board of Director's aspiration to support the education around war risk matters.

In order to be provided with the sponsorship, the candidates should be working for Members of the Association or even work or be interested in maritime security.

In addition, the course is recognised by the University of Plymouth and is a great opportunity for those two students who wish to study for an MA on a course which is normally only available to International Officers and Civil Servants.

The Association highlights that the first step for those interested in applying for the sponsorship places, who should be qualified and experienced, is to issue a request to the Association.

A former student, from a Member’s office, commented

The course proved to be interesting, inspiring and totally hands on in matters of security. The programme provided a most welcome instruction in understanding, appreciating and addressing security issues as well as comprehending in depth international security aspects.

The former student continued noting that the teaching environment was interactive, stimulating, multi-national and effective and the TMSA impact in the tanker industry makes the programme a most welcome addition in their TMSA arsenal.

Furthermore, Ms Claire Cavanagh, the Managers’ Agents, is responsible for receiving the emails with the candidate’s name, company, address, present position / occupation and a brief supporting statement; Further details could be found here.

For extra information concerning the sponsorships and participation, you may contact Dr. Georgios Mourtos or Dr. Fotios Moustakis, whose details appear in the PDF herebelow.

Concluding, for additional information on the sponsorship, you may click on the PDF herebelow