As Havyard explained, green practices and zero-emission vessels are currently in high demand in several segments.

Under their collaboration, Havyard will combine the company’s expertise in hydrogen energy systems and ship design to develop a brand new concept for transporting cargo between European ports.

"The framework for this contract is to develop a ship that uses hydrogen-based fuel as its primary energy source while at the same time giving the client an effective and safe ship. The goal is to design a large ship that can sail longer distances with zero emissions".

...Lars Conradi Andersen, Vice President Sales, said.

What is more, Executive Vice President of Havyard Hydrogen Kristian Osnes noted that they are noticing a trend where the market demands specific zero-emission solutions.

Concluding, following the trend of green solutions, Havyard has recently established the company Havyard Hydrogen AS as a spin-off of the company’s R&D work in the area of hydrogen propulsion for large vessels.