Specifically, the shipping line stated that the waiting times at APMT (Apapa) and TICT (Tincan) continue to exceed 30 and 20 days, respectively.

Therefore, the company decided to deploy two additional ships to the MWX service, making it a total of seven deployed vessels. This move will enable the company to partially offset delays, however, will not allow them yet to return to a usual weekly schedule.

Also, they inform that on their MIAX service, they regularly evaluate the Apapa call. In case of omission, cargo is discharged at TICT terminal from where a barge transport to KCT terminal is available and custom clearance of Apapa cargo possible.

Our dedicated team continues to work on solutions to further ease the situation. We regret any inconvenience occurring out of this situation that is beyond Hapag-Lloyd’s control

... Hapag Lloyd added.

In January, the congestion at the Lagos ports was creating a major setback for shippers, with more than 26 vessels being trapped in the Lagos Pilotage district, waiting to berth and discharge consignments. According to local media, it can at as much as 20 days for ships to berth at Apapa Ports because of the congestion in the terminals.