A cut on his right hand

2011.3.11-Newspaper.jpgA deckhand was engaged in chipping and painting assorted fittings on deck. While working on a particularly badly corroded access trunk coaming, he decided to rig a temporary newspaper screen across its opening to prevent rust particles from falling into the space below.

As he was trying to fix the screen in place with adhesive tape, the jagged lip of the coaming inflicted a cut on his right hand.

First aid was administered on board before the deckhand was taken to see a doctor ashore, who dressed the wound and allowed him to return to the vessel.


It is not advisable to chip the upper edge of a coaming or the compression bar of a hatch cover with a manual hammer, as the consequent indentations will result in improper sealing and permit water ingress. If grit blasting is not practical, then powered needle guns, rotary wirebrush wheels or sanding discs may be used.

Source: Mars/Nautical Institute