Recently, all the reefer containers used by Hamburg Süd have been equipped with RCM technology. Using satellite and mobile radio technology, RCM enables the monitoring of the refrigerated container and the condition of the cargo inside it, including its location, temperature profile, relative humidity, and concentrations of oxygen and CO2. What is more, certain settings can be adjusted remotely.


Specifically, an online platform or an app provides an overview of the conditions of the cargo in the container at any time. Moreover, they automatically notify when individually defined parameters or limit values are reached.

Frank Smet, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Hamburg Süd, said:

The added value lies in the fact that customers can use this data not only to monitor their supply chain better, but also to make it significantly more efficient and secure

Every single one of Hamburg Süd's reefer containers is outfitted with RCM. Now, testing is being performed, and RCM is planned to become available to all customers as from the third quarter of 2019.

According to Mr. Smet, RCM can lead to cost savings, while because the demands that customers place on carriers are increasing, carriers must be able to respond to these demands efficiently.