According to the local media, the first batch of more than 500 containers arrived on the island recently. It is expected that the new trade area will become a key link in the transportation of a wide range of products from Northeast China to Southeast Asia and vice versa.

This large-scale logistics program regards enterprises from various Chinese regions. According to Juan Feiu, deputy general director of Shanghai Panasia Shipping transport company, such a program with Hainan’s participation can significantly simplify international cargo transportation not only in the region, but also globally.

Yangpu plays a key role in the development of China’s transportation network. In 2019, the GDP of this economic region with more than 89,000 residents exceeded 26 billion yuan ($ 3.7 billion).

According to the “Comprehensive Plan for the Establishment of a New Integrated Sea and Land Corridor” of the Chinese State Committee for Development and Reform, by 2035, this port will become a key point for the distribution of goods from various regions of the country to Southeast Asia and Oceania, Europe and Northern America.

By 2025, Yangpu is expected to become a major regional transport hub with an annual flow of up to 5 million containers.