SIGTTO-publicationSIGTTO announced that publication regarding Guidance for LNG Carriers Transiting the Panama Canal is now available.

The Panama Canal (third set of locks) expansion project, when completed, should enable the majority of LNG carriers to transit the Canal. Historically, LNG carriers have been unable to transit the Panama Canal, mainly due to size restrictions.

SIGTTO and the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) took a proactive and consultative approach, identifying issues that may need to be addressed to permit the safe and efficient transit of LNG carriers through the Canal.

This Guide is the result of these consultations and is intended to provide practical guidance on the ACP requirements for the transit of LNG carriers through the Panama Canal.

Details of any modifications required to existing LNG vessels or vessels currently under construction are also highlighted in detail.

SIGTTO thanked the Panama Canal Authority, the working group Chairman Paul Markides (NYK), SIGTTO Technical Advisor Cherian Oommen and all the members of the working group for their outstanding help, support, effort and co-operation in producing this publication in a relatively short timeframe.

This publication will go a long way to ensuring that LNG vessels have a safe and efficient transit of the canal once the new locks are open.

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