Specifically, the new traveling measure came after the death of four people and the number of the confirmed coronavirus cases, which now are at 414, according to the live map.

The two-week quarantine will be applied to anyone visiting Greece, with no exceptions.

Moreover, the European country has ceased all flights to and from Italy and Spain and banned road, sea routes as well as flights to Albania and North Macedonia.

Although, cargo citizens who live in Greece, are allowed to travel to and from Albania and North Macedonia, authorities reported.

Athens has also banned passenger ships from Italy and cruise ships from docking at Greek ports.

For the records, Greece has already forced strict measures by shutting all shops and retail stores except from supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, petrol stations and food delivery services. In case that someone doesn't follow the regulations, may be fined up to €5.000.

At the same time, the country has canceled mass gatherings while closed bars, restaurants, playgrounds and gyms, as heath authorities expect that the number of infections will grow.