Golden Ray wreck removal continues after chain connector failure

Cutting operation of Golden Ray continues after a cutting chain joining link failed, interrupting progress.

Namely, the third cut is now continuing, after a joining link used to connect the chain to the rigging’s pulley system failed.

Consequentlh, the chain fell down into the cutting groove in the wreck’s topsides. No one was injured, while no equipment damage was reported either.

In addition, technicians retrieved the chain and reattached it to the cutting apparatus, resuming work. According to the response engineers, the third cut is about 50% complete.


The tem is now preparing for the fourth cut, while divers are drilling drainage holes along the cutting groove line for section two, the second section inward from the bow. The drain holes enable water and sediment to escape as the section is lifted out of the water, thus reducing the load.

The vessel capsized on September 8, with 20 rescued crewmembers and four more missing. The four missing crew were rescued and then the authorities proceeded to an oil spill response, as oil leak was seen from the capsized vessel.

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