Ocean Signal SafeSea V100 GMDSS hand-held VHF

icons/gmdss.jpgUK marine electronics company Ocean Signal has announced that its SafeSea V100 GMDSS hand-held VHF radio has been awarded MED product certification from BABT, as a portable survival craft two-way VHF radiotelephone.

The SafeSea V100 is claimed to exceed GMDSS environmental requirements, and it features an ergonomic design, laser etched keypad, high contrast backlit LCD and backlit keys, and 21 international simplex channels. The unit was designed for long battery life, and is fitted with an emergency lithium primary battery with a protection tab which avoids inadvertent use. Only when the tab is broken off will the battery operate the radio, ensuring the pack is at full capacity when needed. The tab is not replaceable and the battery is marked 'Used' underneath the tab. The battery is classified as non-hazardous for shipment and can be user replaced. A battery life of 16h-plus is claimed, said to be a significant improvement over other products. For day-to-day onboard use, a lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack is available with rapid charger that can be desk or wall mounted. An accessory socket option is also available for users requiring helmets or headsets.

Managing director Alan Wrigley commented, "This award completes our current product range MED Wheelmark certification, making our full range of communications and safety products fully certified for use throughout Europe. We are delighted that our extensive research and development has put together such an exceptional range for mariners and hope that we have helped to make maintaining safety systems on board easier and safer."

The SafeSea V100 is not yet certified for use in the USA.

Source: The Motorship