Germany reached this decision after considering that many projects could not be implemented in the past year due to the financial challenges caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Commenting on this development, Enak Ferlemann , Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, stated:

We reacted to this unforeseeable crisis situation and extended the funding guidelines for an additional year. Further projects are to be started in 2021, thereby also boosting investment in environmentally friendly ship propulsion. Despite the global crisis, we must continue to promote the sustainability of our shipping. That is why we continue to advocate the use of LNG as a low-emission alternative marine fuel and a pioneer for climate-friendly shipping

The LNG funding guideline grants subsidies for investments in LNG propulsion for ocean-going vessels of up to 40%t and, depending on the size of the company, even up to 60%.

As a result of the first two calls for funding, various projects have already benefited from the grants from the BMVI for investments in environmentally friendly ship propulsion.

In faact, the BMVI is investing almost 30 million euros in a total of 12 equipment and retrofitting projects. Most recently, through the second call for funding, the LNG equipment of four new chemical tankers of the Hamburg shipping company John T. Essberger was able to get more than 6.3 million euros and the LNG conversion of two cement carriers of the shipping company Brise / Baltrader with more than 4.8 million Euros are supported.