Namely, Dutch Gate LNG belongs to Gasunie and Vopak and is one of Europe’s largest LNG terminals. The LNG facility combines three 180,000-cbm storage tanks and up to now has an annual regasification capacity of 12 Bcm – equal to around 180 cargoes per year.

During November the record, as stated above, was 698.927.966 Nm3 of regasified LNG which equals to 76% of the booked monthly capacity.


Moreover, Gate terminal is currently testing the market's interest to develop its export capacity by up to 2 BCM annually. This will be possible by installing additional equipment.

As far as the gate terminal is concerned, it is Europe’s LNG hub; a professional access gateway for LNG that is supplied from across the world.

Gate terminal receives LNG for its customers, stores it, regasifies it and then supplies  it to the gas transport network for distribution to households and industry.

This first Dutch LNG import terminal has been operational since 2011 and has an annual throughput capacity of 12 billion m3 of gas per year. The Gate terminal capacity covers approximately a third of the national gas consumption.