Coralius's main operation area is at the North Sea and the Skagerrak area. At the end of February, the ship celebrated another milestone as it completed its 100th bunkering operation in just 18 months.


Coralius supplies LNG through ship-to-ship bunkering at sea and in port, a fact that has significantly increased Gasum’s flexibility and responsiveness to ships that need LNG but cannot visit a terminal or a port.

Speaking about this milestone, Kimmo Rahkamo, Vice President, natural gas and LNG, Gasum, said that now the company can bunker in the ARA area, thus increasing LNG availability and security for the LNG fueled fleet.

We are happy with this opportunity to get LNG by ship-to-ship bunkering also in the Port of Rotterdam. Our vessel Bit Viking converted to LNG already in 2011. Since then we have operated on LNG about 97% of the time, mainly supported by Gasum. We would like to continue on this path and consequently we are depending on reliable and flexible LNG supplies

mentioned Anders Hermansson, Technical Manager of Tarbit Shipping.

Gasum also stated that it expects a rise in the average amount of delivered stem, as it will conduct bunkerings on shuttle tankers and other bigger vessels.

As for Coralius, the ship has increased its efficiency because of faster LNG bunkering operations, which are now as quick as conventional oil bunkering operations.