Mainly, ZO-1 received two new-built mooring posts and new lightning.

In addition, ZO-2 received a new underwater sheet pile was built and dredging to 12 m depth mark was done.


For the extension of the pier, soil excavation was done in the area of 3,710 m2 and about 7,746 m2 of the water area were dredged. Also, there was constructed a storm sewer with local water treatment units and output to the water area.

Moreover, this project will bring development to the infrastructure of the port, that will boost cargo turnover in the long-term perspective.

The port supports that this kind of investment, highlights that companies feel safe on investing in the port of Riga and see a long-term development relationship.

Concluding, RUT, the investor of this project, is one of the most successful and rapidly growing terminals in the Port of Riga.