Specifically, the aim is to encourage vessels run at a speed at which they would achieve maximum efficiency, also known as ‘slow steaming’ in order to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.

France supports that in order to achieve climate goals set out in Paris Agreement, shipping needs to act faster that just the goals set by IMO.

France has not made clear by how much ships should slow, seeking discussion with IMO member states on the matter.


The French submission believes that for specific ship types the measure would not work. These ship types include passenger ships and vessels carrying time sensitive cargo that would be forced to go on greater polluting forms of transport if a speed ban came in.

Additionally, France proposed a global goal-based approach to be issued, something to cover the entire global merchant fleet and a regulation that would reward innovation.

France is ambitious that it will have emissions cut by 40% by 2030, and 70% by 2050, greater than the agreed 50% deal hammered out last year.