Generally, con/ro Grande America caught fire on March 10. The fire incident resulted to the vessel sinking two days after, on March 12.

In the meantime, French authorities support that the vessel's sinking caused oil traces.

Also, an offshore supply ship VN SAPEUR that remained at the area of the incident, confirmed the oil traces.


Moreover,  the Maritime Prefecture of Atlantic informed that the oil slick was approximately 10 km long and 1 km wide.

The French authorities deployed the offshore supply ship Argonaute from Brest, and reportedly three additional vessels, to help with the oil cleanup operations.

In the meantime, EMSA published a statement informing that it has been providing emergency assistance at the request of the French authorities.

The vessel was loaded with 365 containers, 45 of which were listed as containing hazardous materials, local media cited the Maritime Prefecture of Atlantic. The ship also had 2,200 tons of fuel in its bunkers.