The recently released Multiannual Energy Programme (Programmation pluriannuelle de l’énergie (PPE)) has called for the tendering of around 6GW of fixed and floating offshore wind by 2028, including the ongoing Dunkirk tender.

The goal that France has now is an expected bidding rhythm of between 540MW and 665MW per year by 2024, which from 2025 to 2028 would decrease to 500MW a year.

Following the current PPE, France would have 2.4GW of operating offshore wind capacity by 2023, and between 4.7GW and 5.2GW of operating capacity by 2028.

Today, the project off Dunkirk shows that costs fall even faster when projects are well set up.

... Prime Minister Philippe added in a Policy Statement to the National Assembly.

He continued that France, by changing its goal, will be able to increase the pace of future calls for tenders to one gigawatt per year.

Concluding, up to now, France has 2MW of offshore wind capacity operating, with six projects with a combined capacity of around 3GW approved and ready to be built.