In fact, the two Filipino nationals were among the 14 crewmemebers who had beached the vessel “MV Jakarta” at Alang, while they were immediately forced under quarantine following disembarkation.

According to officials, two Indians, involving the captain of the vessel were also found infected by the disease.

For the records, this is not the first time that Alang reported a positive coronavirus case.

With Alang being fully operational after the lockdown, the district administration has laid out a procedure concerning the dismantling of vessels and quarantine of seafarers coming to the yard in a special facility set up at a hotel in Bhavnagar.

"There is a procedure that we follow for all those who come on-board ships at Alang. They are not allowed to mix with any workers on the plot. They are isolated and brought to the hospital where samples of all the crew is taken. Two hotels, which are paid quarantine facilities, have been kept dedicated for Alang" ...Gaurang Makwana, Bhavnagar District Collector told Indian Express.