The first incident involved the Bahamas-flagged bulk carrier 'Capt Stefanos', on 20 July. While at anchor at Muara Berau anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia, the duty officer noticed suspicious movement on the forecastle deck. He raised the alarm and the crew rushed forward and noticed a small boat with four perpetrators on board moving away from the ship’s side with stolen ship’s store.

The second incident occurred on the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier 'Achilleas S' on 31 July, at the same anchorage. While at anchor, the duty crew on security rounds noticed five perpetrators armed with knives on the forecastle deck. He immediately informed the Officer-on-Watch (OOW). Alarm was raised and upon seeing that the alerted crew approached the forecastle deck, the perpetrators escaped with stolen ship’s store on board a boat.

The third incident involved the Hong Kong-flagged container ship 'MCC Ningbo', on 17 August. While at anchor at Chittagong outer anchorage, Bangladesh, four perpetrators boarded the ship, took the 200 metres mooring rope and escaped.

The fourth incident involved the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-flagged container ship 'West Scent'. While at anchor at the same anchorage, four perpetrators boarded the ship, took the 70 metres mooring rope and escaped.

Incident outside Asia

Included in this report is an incident of armed robbery against ships occurred at Port Au Prince anchorage, Haiti on 21 August, reported to the ReCAAP ISC by ReCAAP Focal Point (Singapore) and involving the chemical tanker 'Cape Emeralda'.

While at anchor, the duty deck cadet on routine checks at forecastle heard some noises behind him. When he turned around, he saw two perpetrators on board. One of the perpetrators approached and attacked the cadet who suffered cuts on his left palm. The crew applied first aid to the injured cadet. The perpetrators then jumped overboard and escaped.

The ReCAAP ISC urges ship master and crew to report all incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships to the nearest coastal State and flag State, exercise vigilance and adopt relevant preventive measures taking reference from the Regional Guide to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia.