In fact, Fleet Data and Fleet Xpress capabilities will support the UK-based Institute to stream images from an ocean exploring vessel to shore, around Maldives and Seychelles.

For the records, this is the first time for Fleet Data to transmit water chemistry and geophysiccal data to international research institutes during explorations.

Video, audio and data will be transmitted from the deepest parts of High Seas and then relayed via Fleet Xpress to marine science projects focusing on sustainable oceans.

Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President, Inmarsat Maritime, said:

For all practical purposes, until now it has not been possible for research vessels in remote seas to transmit large quantities of data back to base in real time, let alone stream images suitable for high-definition TV broadcast. Nekton’s decision to work with Inmarsat has changed that.

Concluding, both sides have also partnered last year, as Fleet Xpress provided Nekton with connectivity to relay broadcast images from its submersible off the Seychelles.