Specifically, the Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Center coordinated the rescue efforts.

They reported that the incident began when a 21,770 DWT container ship, the Oceana, lost power due to a suspected electrical issue with its steering gear. At the time it was in the deep-water channel of the Yangtze River Estuary. A seven-year-old vessel, the Oceana is 564 feet long with a carrying capacity of approximately 1,700 TEUs.

Both vessels collided in the estuary. The Chinese ship is approximately 20,000 DWT with a length of 541 feet and a carrying capacity of 650 TEU. The Xin Qi Sheng 69 capsized and the sixteen crew on board went into the river.

In addition, the authorities dispatched at least three vessels to assist and begin the search operations, following the current in the river where they believed the crew would have been carried.

According Chinese state media, seven other vessels operating in the area, including salvage boats and tugs, were also involved, while traffic management also coordinated movements in the area to prevent further accidents.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that 11 of the 16 sailors who had been on board the container vessel Xinqisheng 69 from the water were pulled of the water, three of whom showed no signs of life.

The search was continuing for five additional crew members from the Chinese ship that were still missing. Helicopters also joined the search efforts at daylight.

The Oceana was moved to the anchorage. Reports say that the crew was uninjured but that the ship is being detained pending an investigation.