Under the 12-year contract, the vessels will be fully electric and zero emissions, with almost zero noise. In order for the vessels to be able to fit into the existing framework – including use of current timetables and infrastructure, as well as capacity to carry at least 60 passengers, Damen has developed a design with a capacity for 80 passengers, tailored so that the vessels can dock – bow first – at the existing jetties.

At the jetties at each end of the route, the company will also install fast charging points.

The design benefits from Damen’s in-house R&D and Innovation programme, with recent a example including participation in the production of the world’s first Class approved 3D-printed propeller.

Mr. Torben Hansen, Director Bus of Arriva Danmark, said:

We are very proud and honored to play our part in assisting the city as it strives to meet its target of zero emissions in public transport in the coming years. This new vessel order is perfectly aligned with our role at the forefront of the switch from diesel to electric power.

Electrification in shipping, mostly in the inland navigation, has seen an increased interest in recent years, as electric and hybrid vessels can provide significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance and emissions. Notable is that the number of electric ships has been doubling every year since the 80’s.