The ship lost power as the tide was coming in. Its skipper Jan Medhaug and deckhand Kyle Brojakowski were trying to restore power, while Mr. Medhaug's wife, Kayla Breeden hang a protective buoy to the stern.

Kayla Breeden saw the two ships, which estimated them as being 'three football fields away,' and a little after the fishing vessel struck one of them. The boat go trapped between the two vessels, and was smashing between them.

The skipper and the deckhand tried to maneuvre their ship in order to stay afloat through the incoming tide. However, they were in more danger than they thought and the finally abandoned ship. A few moments later 'Kristi'capsized and sank.

USCG is currently investigating the incident, in order to identify the causes of it. It will also cooperate with the owners of the fishing boat in order to mitigate any hazards the sunken vessel poses, including environmental dangers.