“It is important to keep our position as a nature-based and sustainable industry. We must be able to document the environmental impact of each kilogram of fish delivered. This is an important advantage in the market. We must therefore be on the offensive when it comes to adopting new technology” says Jan Ivar Maråk, Deputy Director of Fishing boat - fishing fleet organization.

Fishing boat is a partner and pilot owner in Green Coasting Program.

The Green Coasting program consists of more than 30 players in all parts of Norwegian short sea shipping. Project is directed by DNV GL with a vision Norway toestablish the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly coasting run wholly or partly with batteries, LNG or other environmentally friendly fuel. This will result in profitable emission cuts, green jobs and increased competitiveness

Narve Mjøs, program director for Green Coasting Program (GKP) in DNV GL, is pleased that the fishing fleet has become a part of the program.

“In addition to new technology, it's about fishing smarter and more efficiently. Here are instruments fishing regulations, structural policy, better gear and fish-finding equipment. It is about many small eco-friendly steps, and it is important to include all fisheries and fisheries authorities that we will reach the goal” Mr. Maråk adds.

Mr. Mjøs further notes that it is important for  the fishing fleet to be represented in this initiative as it has a lot to gain in the use of new technologies, both in terms of engine systems, cooling and how fishing is carried out.

In connection with the Nor-Shipping this week, there will be organized a special seminar on green coasting. This happens at DNV GL in Hovik, Tuesday May 30th beginning at 1700.