In fact, the vessel was reportedly attacked on August 16 by six pirates, during sailing from the UAE to Mogadishu Somalia having developed mechanical issues.

According to Dryad Global, the attack would be the first successful hijack in Somali waters since 2017.

So far, this incident appears to be an isolated and opportunistic incident which seized on a vessel in a vulnerable situation, which had transited close to Somali TTWs. There remains a threat of piracy off the coast of Somalia which is credible and can manifest as it did in this instance, however contextually the threat is vastly reduced on regional highs in 2011.

Furthermore, intelligence sources also suggest that this vessel may have been seized as an act of maritime crime (not piracy), in what could have been an act with a commercial narrative.

Concluding, at this stage with developing information, whilst there are clear suggestions of piracy the historic data trend would suggest that this is not the case, and it is prudent that other courses of action, such as maritime crime, are also considered.